Quality of Work

We will fulfil the discussed scope, maintaining a high quality of work, for any products or services we commit to deliver to the customer

Timely Delivery

We will ensure timely delivery at all possible instances, to the very best of our abilities, while maintaining integrity and honesty

After-Sales Support

We understand that all projects we deliver are critical for the customer's business processes; any breakdowns or lapses will have operational and financial consequences. We will do all we can, to rectify such issues to minimize the impact

Customer-Centric Collaboration:

We will always be on the customer’s side and will work together to achieve the best value-for-money outcomes in both quality and functionality

About Secvision

We are a technology company on a mission to transform businesses by combining our knowledge, expertise and syndicates, to offer value-added solutions to our customers.

Through our 04 business verticals: IT Infrastructure Solutions, Application and Cloud Solutions, Software Development and Managed IT Services, we continue to advocate the best possible options to our clientele, in both consultancy and implementation.

Our technical capabilities encompass a wide range of solutions, enabling our team to reach diverse market segments ranging from Telco, Banking, Enterprise and Government, to Education, Hospitality and Construction industries.

Whether it be a large enterprise, or SME organization, our commitment to deliver quality service, and be a value-added partner for our customers at any stage of their business, remains the same.

IT infrastructure

Through our IT Infrastructure Solutions business vertical, we lay the foundation for an organization commencing their IT journey; ensuring our solutions will be future ready, to support IT transformations the customer may roll out in time to come, while catering to the customer’s immediate requirements

Software Development

No two organizations have similar dynamics, just as their unique IT requirements. Our in-house Software Development team is equipped to support businesses customize their existing applications while developing new applications to fulfil future / new requirements. Some noteworthy applications created by our team include

Applications and Cloud

‘Data’ is the most vital asset in today’s IT solutions landscape; where applications generate, capture and analyze data in the business lifecycle of an organization. Lever- aging on this trend, all solutions provided through our Applications and Cloud vertical consist of both core applications which run business functions, and supportive applications which monitor and enable better performance of the core applications.

Moreover, our team is fully geared to service the rising demand for demands for Cloud related services by partnering with industry frontrunners such as Microsoft and Zoho, via whom we enable our customers to experience numerous benefits by embracing cloud solutions.

Managed IT Services

A selection of the top services provided by our Managed IT Services team include: Information Technology, for many organizations, is a service enabler, helping businesses to reach new heights. However, implementing and maintaining IT services comes at a high investment; capital that could otherwise be channeled to their core business, for better returns. This is where we come in: our Managed IT Services team will handle the end-to-end IT service requirements of your organization, allowing you to concentrate on your business functions

Support Desk

We understand how critical your business is and our 24 x 7 service center, located in Colombo, Sri Lanka, coordinates our worldwide support for warranty-based activity, maintenance calls and professional services. This includes both remote support and onsite support.

Support Contact Number: +94 (11) 258 0033

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